The Ocarina of Time speedruning world record was smashed this week


A speedrunner recently broke the Ocarina of Time world record for fastest completion time, finishing their playthrough with 13 seconds to spare.

The run was recently shared on Reddit, where a user posted details of returning speedrunner ZFG’s world-record-setting playthough from earlier this week. You can check out the Reddit post below.

Ocarina of Time 100% WR – 3:43:44 by ZFG from speedrun

“The king is back,” writes the poster in a comment serving as an addendum to the original post. “ZFG takes the record back from Glitchymon with a 13 second lead.” For those less familiar with the speedrunning scene, 13 seconds in a game that came out 22 years ago is the equivalent of several hours when converted to speedrunning time.

Check out the full run below.

Watch Ocarina of Time 100% Speedruns from Zfg1 on

The poster also took the liberty of leaving some bullet points on the run for those who might want to be brought up to speed quickly. They start off by noting that it’s the first time ZFG has even competed in this category for quite a while.

On top of this, although ZFG benefited from solid RNG (random number generation) early on, getting lucky with fishing and Dampé, Ocarina of Time’s gravedigger, he also failed to execute the infamous “collapse skip” correctly, losing him several minutes right at the end of the run. As a result, this current world record – sitting at 3 hours, 43 minutes and 44 seconds – is indicative of ZFG’s potential to smash his own record soon, despite only setting a new one earlier this week.

“Expect sub 3:40 soon,” wrote the Reddit poster.

In related news, a player recently recreated Link and Epona from Ocarina of Time in Red Dead Online. Meanwhile, Doom Eternal devs were recently left completely stunned by a speedrunner’s 27-minute playthrough.

The Zelda speedrunning scene as a whole often sees crafty runners coming up with creative new ways to shave off seconds. Just a few months ago, a new development in the Breath of the Wild scene essentially rendered previous speedrunning techniques completely obsolete.

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