The Last Post (from Matt)


By Matt Martin,
Monday, 12 October 2020 16:47 GMT

Hello. Let’s rip the sticking plaster off; I’ve left VG247. I am no longer editor in chief. I’m off to do other things within ReedPop (the company that owns this site).

I’m not very sentimental so I’ll keep it brief. I started as editor on VG247 over six and half years ago and it was a very different site back then. We’ve changed the type of content we produce, write and edit on the site, but we still have the same philosophy, I think; To answer questions about video games, to write about the best quality games, and to have fun with it every day. Traffic grew, more people came to the site, so we were able to hire more staff and grow. It’s been a success.

It’s been a lot of fun personally. I’ve travelled the world, met some nice people, and had a wild time doing it. And I’ve worked with some of the most talented, genuine, funny friends I’ve ever known.

But I’m a big believer in change for the better, so it’s high time I buggered off and let someone else steer the ship or whatever the cliche is. I leave you in the good hands of Tom Orry, who’ll be along to introduce himself shortly.

Thanks very much for reading!

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