The Last of Us 2 Coins locations – Where to find the state quarters


If Ellie is a comicbook nerd, then Abby is a magpie. Scatted throughout the latter half of The Last of Us 2 are pockets-full of coins to find – each bearing the design of an American state.

Lucky for you, there aren’t 50 to track down – but Seattle is dense with them all the same, and they’re very easy to miss.

Here are all of the ones we’ve found so far. We’ll be adding them all once we get proper screens for them; The Descent is very spooky.

First we’ll drop a checklist of all of the coins and where they’re found, before going into the detailed instructions of where to pick up each one below.

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Of course, be warned. This page could be considered to coin-tain spoilers. But we’ve kept it as vague as possible so you could follow along on a first playthrough.

The Last of Us 2 Coins List

The Last of Us 2 Coin Locations
Coin State Name:Day LocationChapter Location
VirginiaDay 1Tracking Lesson Flashback
AlaskaDay 1The Stadium
MaineDay 1The Stadium
New JerseyDay 1The Stadium
VermontDay 1The Stadium
KentuckyDay 1On Foot
MassachusettsDay 1On Foot
OhioDay 1On Foot
IndianaDay 1On Foot
CaliforniaDay 1The Forward Base (FOB)
New MexicoDay 1The Forward Base (FOB)
South CarolinaDay 1The Forward Base (FOB)
North DakotaDay 1Hostile Territory
AlabamaDay 1The Coast
West VirginiaDay 1The Coast
UtahDay 1The Coast
MississippiDay 1The Coast
NevadaDay 2The Shortcut
ColoradoDay 2The Shortcut
IllinoisDay 2The Descent
OregonDay 2The Descent
WisconsinDay 2The Descent
Rhode IslandDay 2The Descent
MissouriDay 2The Descent
WashingtonDay 2Ground Zero
HawaiiDay 2Ground Zero
KansasDay 3The Marina
LouisianaDay 3The Marina
IdahoDay 3The Island
North CarolinaDay 3The Island
MontanaDay 3The Island
ArkansasDay 3The Escape

The Last of Us 2 Coins Locations

Abby Prologue –

Virginia – The Virginia Coin is found on the dumpster Abby uses to get to the roof in her flashback.

Day 1: The Stadium Chapter –

Alaska – After you get your bag and leave your bedroom, turn left and look for the Alaska coin on the floor next to some logs.

Maine – From the last coin, head down two flights of stairs of stairs with your companions, but when you reach the third flight, go past it and grab the coin on the Maine coin on the edge of the bench.

New Jersey – After your close encounter of the doggo kind, you walk past a woman with her feet up reading and a large WLF war mural on your right. Grab the New Jersey coin from the mud in front of the painting.

Vermont – Next, the Vermont Coin is in the cabinet on your left as you come out of the requisitions centre with the gun range.

On Foot Chapter –

Kentucky – Once your day takes a turn for the worse, the Kentucky Coin is on the table on your right inside the building run to from the jeep with Manny and Mel.

Massachusetts – The Massachusetts Coin is on the last cash register on the left, at the end in the top left corner of the room, after you go into the “dad’s greenhouse” area.

Ohio – When you’re stuck in the warehouse with Mel, you’ll boost her up the second level and she’ll open a door for you to advance. Around the corner is a ladder you can move. Prop the ladder up next to the door you just came through to find a secret area with the Ohio Coin.

Indiana – After you get out of the warehouse, there’s a mobile home before you hop the fence to the railyard – smash the window around the back and climb inside to find the Indiana Coin.

The Forward Base Chapter –

California – As soon as you get control in the FOB, walk forward towards the small set of stairs with white lines in front of them. Turn right and there’s the California coin on the floor behind the group of WLF grunts.

New Mexico – Inside the checkpoint gate, talk to the guard then turn left. Go around the big group of soldiers and the New Mexico coin is next to the row of toilets.

South Carolina – When you get let into the building to see Issac, two people offer you a game at a table – to their left at the end of a table is a South Carolina coin.

Hostile Territory Chapter –

North Dakota – After you go through the Chinese clothes shop, climb up the truck on the other side of the street and go through the window. Inside, look down for a drawer to the left of the open door – there’s the North Dakota Coin inside.

The Coast Chapter –

Alabama – When you get through the shipping yard and climb up onto the bridge – look over to the left where there’s a dead body to find the Alabama Coin next to it.

West Virginia – As you go up the stairs to the 2nd floor of the ship, turn left down the hallway, deal with the infected at the end, then turn right and look in the corner with the teddy bear for the West Virginia Coin.

Utah – As you climb up the ladder out of the ship, turn around and look behind the ship lookout for the Utah Coin.

Mississippi – Before you head into the aquarium, there’s another coin in the fountain with the whale statue.

Day 2: The Shortcut Chapter

Nevada – When you set off with Lev, you get to the bottom of a first set of rapids – look over to the right hand side of the area to see a Barber Shop, inside on the counter is the Nevada Coin.

Colorado – As you make your way through the rapids with Lev, you’ll cross part of a collapsed bridge, clear out an infected coffee shop, then climb over a truck to cross the river to a shop called Interbay. On the other side of Interbay, cross the river and climb through the blue wall, then look right, go through the broken window, and collect the Colorado coin from the end of the ledge outside.

The Descent Chapter –

Illinois – At the bottom of the deep end of the swimming pool is the Illinois Coin – dive down to get it.

Oregon – TBA

Wisconsin – TBA

Rhode Island – TBA

Missouri – TBA

Washington – TBA

Hawaii – As you come out of the boss area with You-Know-Who, look to your left and there’s 20 supplements on the side – right next to that, smash the glass to pick up the Hawaii Coin.

Kansas – TBA

Louisiana – TBA

Idaho – After you come ashore and climb up the ladder, look left to the open back of a truck – there’s the Idaho Coin inside.

North Carolina – TBA

Montana – TBA

Arkansas – TBA

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