Sony is refusing Cyberpunk 2077 refunds and urging players to wait for 2021 patches


As Cyberpunk 2077 issues on console persist, Sony is telling players it won’t refund their purchases on PlayStation platforms.

As per users on Resetera and Twitter, Sony is refusing to issue refunds to users that have downloaded and streamed the game on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 thanks to the company’s long-standing (and infamously strict) refunds policy.

Instead, user reports and screenshots of chats with sales reps seem to suggest that Sony is simply asking consumers to wait until CD Projekt Red deploys its PS4 and Xbox One patches at the start of 2021. This flies in the face of CDPR’s own advice, where the company advised players to go back to where they purchased Cyberpunk 2077 to request a refund (whether that’s at retail stores for physical copies, or Sony and Microsoft for digital purchases).

Since those methods of requesting a refund seem to be closed for many, the studio notes that you have until December 21 to contact CDPR support at and put your case forward. Be courteous and polite.

It should be noted that some players are reporting that they have been successful in getting refunds from Sony (as per Eurogamer) – but at the time of writing, there does not appear to be a blanket policy in place.

Console review copies of Cyberpunk 2077 were only offered after the PC version of the game’s reviews were out, and some players believe that they were misled in their decision to buy the game on last-gen machines.

In a lot of cases, consumers are discovering that PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are drastically under-performing compared to Xbox Series S/X, PS5 and PC versions of the game.

These complaints aren’t impacting the sales of the game, though. Based on its eight million pre-orders, it’s not only already made back its development and marketing costs, but also beaten World of Warcraft: Shadowlands as the fastest-selling PC game of all time.

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