Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy may be coming to Xbox Game Pass


By Dom Peppiatt,
Monday, 7 December 2020 15:57 GMT

It looks like the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account is once again teasing games, and this time Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy fans are paying close attention.

A teasing reveals of the likes of Rainbow Six Siege and Control via cryptic tweets, it looks like the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account is at it again, this time hinting that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy may be on the way to the Microsoft subscription service.

Replying to a tweet from the official Dragon Quest account that announced Dragon Quest XI S is available via Xbox Game Pass, the official (and usually inactive) account for Ace Attorney replied with the thinking-face emoji… to which the Dragon Quest account replied with kiss emoji.

[embedded content]

Though it seems fairly tenuous, we’ve seen more dubious teases for games that have arrived on Xbox Game Pass in the past. Given that the fun-loving Xbox Game Pass account then replied with its very own message (What a second… what’s happening?!”) fans of the forthright detective are getting hyped for an imminent reveal of Phoenix Wright on Microsoft platforms.

There’s not usually that long to wait between game teases and reveals when it comes to Xbox Game Pass, so hopefully we shouldn’t have too long to wait until we learn more (Rainbox Six Siege was announced a day after the tease, as was Control).

If we do indeed see the game arrive on Xbox Game Pass, you may want to give our Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy review a read, so you know what you may be getting yourself into.

It was recently revealed that Xbox Game pass has attracted 15 million subscribers, and between convincing EA to come on board from November 10 and adding cloud streaming at no additional charge, we expect that number to rise again. Better yet, Xbox boss Phil Spencer stated that the Xbox Game Pass subscription service is “completely sustainable” at its current price.

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