Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Shrines – Honor the Unseen trophy


While finding all of the Hidden Shrines in Ghost of Tsushima will probably be one of the final trophies you pop before bagging the elusive platinum, it’s actually pretty easy to complete during the first two acts of the game.

These hidden shrines are places for quiet contemplation, and you honor the unseen by swiping down on the PS4 controller’s touchpad to make Jin bow.

You need to visit and bow at 10 in total to earn the trophy.

These shrines are different from the Inari Shrines which you’re led to at Fox Dens, which themselves are different from the major charm shrines that are marked on your map.

Act 1 Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Shrines:

There are 5 Hidden Shrines throughout the region of Izuhara, most of which are situated close to major points of interest in Ghost of Tsushima’s main quest or side missions.

Kechi Fishing Village – Southeastern corner of the village along the river, west of Jade Hills

Cemetery at Yoichi’s Crossroads – Southwest of Hiyoshi Springs, southeast of where it says Yoichi’s Slope on the map

Pond at Kashine Hills – Where it says Kashine Hills on the map, there’s a shrine next to a pond

Tadayori’s Rest – North of Houren’s Pasture, west of Kuta Grasslands – go south from Golden Temple – part of The Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale

Komatsu Cemetery – On your right in on the eastern road out of Komatsu Forge

Act 2 Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Shrines

Once you reach the second region of Toyotama, there will be 5 more Hidden Shrines you can visit to quickly tick off this trophy.

Omi Village – Pier overlooking Omi Lake in the southeast corner of the village

Jin’s Family Sparring Circle – Just to the south of the previous shrine, there’s another overlooking Omi Lake next to the sparring circle covered in red autumn leaves

Umugi Cove – At the edge of the southwest pier of Umugi Cove, the sign is behind some boxes

Kanazawa Fishing Village – Unmarked fishing village on map in south of Act 2 area. Follow the river south of where it says Old Kanazawa Marsh on the map

Pillar of Honor – At the Pillar of Honor southwest of Old Kanazawa Marsh and northeast of Ijima Swamp

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