For Honor is getting 2 heroes instead of 4 this year, a Battle Pass


By Sherif Saed,
Friday, 31 January 2020 13:44 GMT

For Honor is the latest Ubisoft live service game to gain a Battle Pass, and cut the number of new characters launching this year.

Just like Rainbow Six Siege before it, Ubisoft announced that For Honor is moving in a similar direction with its Year 4 of live service.

This year, For Honor players will get two new heroes, a drop from Year 3 and Year 2’s four heroes. It is not clear how the new heroes will be acquired, because Ubisoft is getting rid of the yearly season pass as well – which previously guaranteed access to upcoming heroes.

Replacing that will be a recurring Battle Pass, the first of which will be available in Season One of Year 4. Dubbed Hope, the new season will kick off February 6. Narratively, Hope represents a new chapter for the game’s warring factions, who have all agreed to a truce. Something will motivate them to fight again, though we’re not sure what.

As for the Battle Pass, it consists of 100 levels and includes a free and a premium track. The pass will dole out entirely cosmetic items, including new weapons, executions, effects colours swaps and more, worth one million Steel. Progress in the Battle Pass is made through playing matches and arcade quests, and completing daily orders.

The theme of Season One will be reflected in new armour and weapon designs, available for players to loot during matches and to purchase in the store. You can also expect several events in Year 4.

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