Apex Legends director says the game will probably expand “beyond battle royale”


By Dom Peppiatt,
Sunday, 1 November 2020 19:58 GMT

Respawn Entertainment game director Chad Grenier says that Apex Legends will “probably” expand “beyond battle royale”.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Grenier revealed that Respawn is already planning for content up to Season 12 of Apex Legends, and that – in the future – the game may even go further than being a battle royale.

“Right now we’re a battle royale game. I think if you look into the future, we have a lot of conversations of, you know, should we expand beyond battle royale?” Grenier says in the interview.

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“We have this roster of legends that people love – how else can we use them? I think looking into the future, you’re probably going to see the game becoming more than just a battle royale game. You see we have all these LTMs and other ways to play. I think that’s a great starting point.”

Whether this means different kinds of PvP modes or maybe even a foray into a PvE mode remains unclear, but it’s interesting to see that Respawn is looking to expand the game.

The game may even take queues from Respawn’s previous Titanfall titles – maybe with more narrative missions appearing in the game (like the little ones we saw in Season 5).

Speaking of Titanfall, the game’s newest map – Olympus – was originally designed as a concept for Titanfall 3.

“At one point, there was a Titanfall 3 in the works after we launched Titanfall 2,” Grenier explained in the interview. “And Olympus wasn’t called Olympus at the time, but that style of map was something that we were exploring for the next Titanfall game.”

Apex Legends is coming to Steam on November 4 with the launch of Season 7, but the Nintendo Switch version of the game has been delayed.

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