Achievements are coming to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on PC, Ubisoft insists


Ubisoft has confirmed that standalone achievements are indeed coming for PC players of Assassin’s Ceed Valhalla after a few days of mixed messages from the publisher.

After players noticed that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was missing an achievements page on the newly-launched Ubisoft Connect – and Watch Dogs Legion wasn’t – some curious users asked Ubisoft why the former seemed to be singled out.

Over on the Ubisoft forum, a Ubisoft support spokesperson mentioned that the game missing achievements “was unintended”, and that the publisher was “actively working to enable achievements”.

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As reported by PC Gamer and Eurogamer, Ubisoft changed its mind two days later. “Achievements are not available for this title on PC, and this is an intended change,” the Ubisoft employee wrote on the forum. “Instead of Achievements for new games on Ubisoft Connect, instead we have expanded the Challenges, which provide XP and other rewards in Ubisoft Connect.”

This appears to have changed again, though, with a new statement undermining that last one.

“We are aware that achievements are not available for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla players on PC – this was unintended. We are actively working to enable achievements and will keep you updated when more information is available,” says the most recent update (from another representative).

“Just to clarify, the misunderstanding on our part was that achievements had been discontinued – they haven’t!”

So, if you’re struggling to follow this (and honestly, we don’t blame you) here’s what you need to know: achievements are indeed missing from the game as an unintended mix-up somewhere down the line at Ubisoft, and achievements will – eventually – turn up for PC players enjoying the game on Ubisoft Connect

“The original information was correct, and they are indeed being worked on. Achievements are coming!” the Ubisoft employee clarified. Let’s hope that’s the last of this odd little saga, and that achievements will turn up in the PC version of the game soon.

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