Who is Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Hogwarts Legacy isn’t just about learning to be a wizard and becoming a student at Hogwarts. PlayStation’s State of Play on March 17 showed that the main plot includes a possible goblin rebellion.

Ragnok is the leader of this rebellion, and not many people believe the threat is real at the beginning. While Ragnok is a goblin, he can cast spells with a wand and his bare hands, making him a real threat. We see in the trailer that Ragnok can stand toe-to-toe with the experienced professor Fig, who’s also introduced in the trailer.

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Ragnok is not your average dumb monster, he is capable of going to war with the player. The trailer shows that the Goblin Rebellion is real and that Ragnok mustered a large army to fight the player. Ragnok even cooperated with the Dark Wizards, the other antagonists in Hogwarts Legacy.

Ragnok’s part in the trailer implies that he knows more about the player than he lets on. We are led to believe he speaks to a prominent member of the Dark Wizards about their failed plan. Ragnok winces when the Dark Wizard representative asks if he isn’t telling them something about the main character.

Ragnok may have spent some time with the main character, or he may have known their family. We’ll have to wait for another trailer to learn more about this goblin.

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