When can you complete Ealyn’s Request quest in Lost Ark?

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Ealyn’s Request is an early main story quest on the continent of North Vern. It’s possible to run into this quest sooner than intended, leading to some confusion on why you suddenly can’t progress anymore. The solution for being able to continue is quite simple, though.

How to complete Ealyn’s Request

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You need to be level 50 in order to progress with the Ealyn’s Request main story quest. If you’re following along with the path the game suggests for you, then you’ll likely reach this quest after you’re well past level 50.

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It is possible to enter continents in almost any order, however, so if you went exploring early, you may very well have ended up getting roadblocked at this point.

Your only options for progressing are to either go to another continent and do the main storyline there or to farm various world bosses, elite enemies, and dungeons until you manage to ding 50.

While you can’t progress with the main story quest in North Vern until level 50, you can continue to explore the rest of the continent. There are two world bosses in North Vern and you’ll need to kill one of them at least twice if you intend to fill up the Adventurer’s Tome, so you’ll have good opportunities to level up just by getting a head-start on your Tome.

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