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Using paintings as imagery for puzzles in gaming is nothing new, and Elden Ring is no different here. Often times, though, the paintings depicted in other games give a clue as to where you should go. Usually, this involves going to the location depicted in the painting itself to get the reward for completing the diversion. However, Elden Ring, being what it is, does this a bit differently. Read on to find out how.

What Do Paintings Do in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Painter

Throughout Elden Ring’s world, you may discover one of many different detailed paintings. These paintings are effectively treasure hunts. You need to head to the scene depicted in the painting to locate the spirit of the artist, who will give you an item.

For example, early on in East Limgrave, you may come across an Artist’s Shack with a Site of Grace located here. The painting will depict a location, and while you will need to go by the location depicted, you won’t go to the site of the painting location itself. Rather, you need to go to the spot where the artist painted it from. At each painting’s location, you will find a ghost of the artist. Speak to them and you will gain a reward for your troubles.

All Painting Locations and Rewards

There are seven paintings in total in Elden Ring. Each one will be listed here with their locations along with details of what you get for finding each ghostly artist.

Homing Instinct Painting

This one is found in the aforementioned Artist’s Shack in East Limgrave, and can be found if you travel East when coming across Murkwater Coast. The painting shows Stormveil Castle seen far away and an archway. To solve this, go to the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace and run Northwest. Past the giant bat enemies you will see the painter’s ghost. You will get the Incantation Scarab helmet from him, which will reduce FP cost for Incantations.

Resurrection Painting

Go to the Liurnia Artist’s Shack, located Southeast of the Church of Vows. The location solution for this one is by Three Sisters. Starting from the Behind Caria Manor Site of Grace, head Southeast to the graveyard and behind a big rock you will see a ghost artist sitting down in a chair. This one will award you the Scholarly Robe and Cap set, along with a Larval Tear. This will allow you to respec your character once you defeat Renalla.

Prophecy Painting

The Prophecy Painting is found by the Liftside Site of Grace at Stormveil Castle. From the site, leave the room and go down the stairs. Then go through the doorway past the right turn and you’ll find the painting. The location for this one is behind the Church of Pilgrimage in the Weeping Peninsula. Find the ghostly artist sitting on a chair facing the cliffs and you receive the Warhawk Spirit Summon.

Redmane Painting

Starting from the Sellia Under Stairs Site of Grace, go back up the stairs, go right and the painting is pretty well hidden behind some rubble in a corner archway. For this solution, you’ll need to travel to Fort Faroth and run to the cliff above the Minor Erdtree. Safely travel down and be ready to fight the Putrid Avatar. Walk towards the break in the cliffs with a pot at the base of it. Travel along the right edge of the cleft and jump to the root sticking out. Be careful with this jump. It’s a bit of a fall so you might take a bit of damage. Keep dropping down using the roots until you see a blue golem. Look towards it and you’ll see dilapidated arches to the left. Go there and the ghostly artist will drop the Rain of Arrows Ash of War.

Champion’s Song Painting

Go to the Shaded Castle and start from the Ramparts Site of Grace. Travel Northeast and go up the wooden staircase. The painting will be in the room here. Then travel to the Windmill Village Site of Grace and go South. Follow the road as it winds through until you see a statue. The ghostly painter is near there and will give you the Harp Bow. It’s an admittedly weak weapon that doesn’t scale very well, so this one may be more for completionists rather than anyone hunting for a great item.

Flightless Bird Painting

For this one, if you’re simply after the reward without the need to find the painting, you can follow our guide on finding the Fire’s Deadly Sin Incantation. However, if you’re interested in collecting the Painting, then read on!

This one starts off in Leyndell. Go to the West Capital Ramparts Site of Grace, go down the stairs and left. Continue further down the stairs and go through the large double doors. Run through the room on the right and follow the hallways until you come across the Painting. Theanswer to this one is in Windmill Village. Run past the weird dancers and fight the Dragonskin Apostle if you haven’t beat him already. Run past some more dancing weirdos and the ghost painter at the edge of the cliff will drop Fire’s Deadly Sin.

Sorcerer Painting

For the Sorcerer Painting, go to Castle Sol in the Mountaintops of the Giants. Go to the rear of the courtyard and turn left, going up the stairs and around to the metal ladder. Once up the ladder, take another left and run across the ramparts. At the dead end, jump down to the lower ramparts and follow the wooden paths until you reach a trap door. Go down and claim the Painting. For this final solution, go the Starshade Ruins and go West tot he bridge. The artist is here and will give you the Greathood. This piece of equipment will increase Intelligence and Faith at the cost of HP.

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