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For a game about a viral zombie apocalypse, Dying Light 2 sure packs it to the brim with secrets. It’s world can be explored much more deeply than many other open worlds, with it’s many building interiors that are often crumbling mazes with many locked doors and different floors that often require creative Parkour to get to. Dying Light 2 is also a game that knows how to appeal to it’s fans, and you can find a particularly neat secret that just so happens to be stuffed within another secret. We’re talking about the ability to force choke your enemies! However, before going full Vader on a group of Renegades, you’re gonna have to do a lot of duck hunting, along with some ripping and tearing first.

How to Get Force Choke in Dying Light 2

How to Get Force Choke in Dying Light 2

So this will be quite the lengthy tour around Villedor. After the “Broadcast” mission, the VNC tower becomes fully explorable. If you ride the elevator to the basement level, you can dive into the water and swim to the yellow gate, open it, and keep swimming. You’ll come out of the water to two doors. Take the somewhat open door on the right and you’ll reach a new elevator. Ride this one to Level Zero, you will see a weirdly hellish room with five altars, along with wire boxes. Each of these requires you to place a Black Duck on each altar to activate them. So now that you know where to put them, it’s time to go on a duck hunt.

Given the sheer length of time it will take to find these ducks, as well as details to how well hidden they are, I will kindly refer you to this very detailed walkthrough by YouTuber DPJ:

Now that you’ve found all five duckies, it’s time to go back to the altar at VNC Tower. Place all five Black Ducks on the altars and connect the now-powered wires to their boxes. You will find it makes a pentagram shape, and will reveal a gnarly shotgun birthed from the flames in the center. Grab this gun to begin the E1M1 Combat Challenge. Thus begins our first easter egg, a Combat Challenge recreation of the famous first level of DOOM.

Rip… and Tear

When starting the challenge, you get one weapon, the double barrel shotgun. This is all you get. No melee here, and you lose access to nearly all of your Parkour abilities. During this challenge, the world also goes quite a bit low-resolution, another homage to the pixelated FPS of yesteryear. Blasting through zombies in this area is quite fun and nice departure from the dozens of hours of bashing and slashing.

Ultimately, it’s quite easy to find the force choke blueprint (or rather Dying Force, as it is named for obvious reasons) in this area. It is hidden under a crystal you need to find within the Combat Challenge, right in a large green arena crawling with zombies. Once you have the blueprint in hand, you can craft it as a weapon mod for the princely sum of 369 scrap. This will give you 16 uses of the Dying Force ability before it’s gone. You can always craft another one, but each time will cost you 369 scrap, so use it sparingly.

But wait, there’s more!

Even yet another Easter egg can be found within this multi-layered love letter to the past. Still within the combat challenge, look for a box in the corner of a red-lit hallway. There will be a blueprint here for the Mistress Sword. Based on the design of the weapon, this is an obvious allusion to the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda. This one is unfortunately less useful than the Dying Force. Crafting it costs the same, 369 Scrap. However, this sword does no damage whatsoever. We will be sure to update this guide should a use for this weapon come to light.

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