Can you name all these Fortnite Skins?

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Fortnite has been out for a while now, ever since July 25, 2017. With each new update, new skins get added to the game, some whacky, some bog-standard. Now with easily over 1000+ skins and counting to choose from in the Battle Royale, can you remember them all?

Can you name all these Fortnite Skins? Take our Quiz!

When did you start playing? If you began at the beginning, then you might recall most skins in the game. But if you are recent to the Battle Royale, you might find this difficult! Yet some skins are so unmemorable that it may just have passed you by without notice!

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Do you have the Fortnite knowledge to name all of these Fortnite Skins from random periods of Fortnite’s lifespan to get a percent score?!? Let us know how well you did.

Can you name all these Fortnite Skins?

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