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There’s no denying the fact that everyone is afraid of the night in Dying Light 2. The citizens of Villedor may roam and scavenge through the streets during the day, but the script completely flips when the infected begin to flood the streets at nightfall. One bad move during the night without shelter could lead to your death, but there are a few methods to consider if you dare to go out at night in Villedor. Here are some tips on how to survive the night cycle when you’re not in a safe zone.

How to Survive the Night Cycle in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 How to Survive the Night Cycle

The night cycle will commence at 19:30, or 7:30 PM if you don’t follow military time. Before nightfall, the various survivors, Peacekeepers, and Renegades will rally in their people before the official 19:30 chime. Following this, the infected will pour out into the streets, and not just the common kind. Virals, Howlers, Revenants, and more of the special infected will be outside. It goes without saying, always be ready for a fight.

Stick to the Rooftops

No matter which accessories or deadly weapons you may have, staying on the ground is a bad idea. One roar from a Howler will trigger a chase sequence at level 1, where the Virals will tirelessly hunt you down until you’re able to get away from them. If you remain on the ground, the infected will start to shark pile you, forcing you to get a desperate move on. The chases only worsen when the levels increase, with the Volatiles finally appearing at level 3.

Therefore, focus your movements above ground and work your way through buildings and rooftops. There are far fewer infected in these areas, especially within structures where they usually await during the day. Since a great number of buildings will contain openings, you’ll have plenty of options to rely on when it comes to outsmarting your opponents. If the infected variants are on your tail, look for any openings for you to jump through and possibly hide within. Additionally, once you have the paraglider, you’ll be able to use vents to swiftly fly out of a hot zone and onto a rooftop.

Unlock Safe Zones

Dying Light 2 Night Cycle Safe Zones

The safe zones in Dying Light 2 come in different packages and sizes. But regardless of what they can offer in terms of people and services, UV lights will always be present in these areas. They include windmills, Nightrunner spots, Metro Stations, civilian settlements, and faction territories. Keep in mind that windmills, Nightrunner spots, and Metro Stations must be powered on first before it can be declared as a safe zone. Nightrunner safe zones are the easiest to power on, for they only require a single generator repair. This can be done in a few seconds upon discovering one, but the others will have you putting in work before acquiring any further shelter.

No matter who’s chasing you or if you need a quick escape plan to replenish your immunity meter, a safe zone will provide you with the utmost protection thanks to UV light access. All infected will start to burn as soon as any UV touches them. Of course, you can use your own UV lights and tools to fend off the undead, but those are temporary fixes. The safe zones are there to stay, so be on the lookout for them if need be.

Assemble Your Arsenal

Dying Light 2 UV Light

You’re a bold one, Pilgrim, if you choose to venture into the night intentionally for goods and trouble. In that case, you’re going to want to stuff your inventory with a variety of weapons and tools.

Modify your toughest weapons with whichever upgrades you desire. Personally, any spark, flame, and fling mods can greatly help you if you’re looking for a fight with the undead. Sparks are capable of emitting deadly electricity onto the target and others around it, stopping them in their tracks as they become electrocuted. Flames essentially burn your targets and can severely lower their health. And the fling can send an enemy flying away from you, which might save you from a tight spot if the Virals got you cornered.

For the tools, we recommend crafting together decoys, molotovs, and UV bars to withstand the night cycle in Dying Light 2. A well-placed decoy can distract a nearby horde to give you a solid window to dash away. Molotovs are a no-brainer; continue to upgrade it with a Craftmaster, and it’ll become one of your more reliable tools of survival to stop the infected from attacking. And UV bars basically enclose a strong layer of protection for a brief time, which could mean crucial seconds to think and execute your next move.

Finally, when the clock reaches 08:00, or 8:00 AM, the sun will rise and the infected will retreat back into the dark. You’ll then be rewarded with a nighttime bonus that’ll add extra points for both combat and parkour. From there, the day is yours to seize, until you hear the city begin to call in everyone before night falls once more.

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